How often do the pets get exercised and what times? ~Pets are exercised 4 to 5 times a day. They are exercised 8 to 9AM first time, than fed, then exercised again at 11AM to 1PM, then several times in early afternoon, and the last exercise period is 8PM to 10PM. If my pet wants to stay out awhile and doesn't ask to come in, is it allowed to do so?

~Yes, any pet can stay out as long as it wants, weather permitting(too hot or too cold). However if the weather is bad, most pets want to play under cover in their warm, and/or A/C spacious condos.

~ And if your dog is as finicky as my daughters Chin and just wants to only potty and come back inside, we can do that too.


Can my pet play with other pets during the day?

~As long as your pet temperament tests out, to get along with certain other guests, it is encouraged to do so. Not all pets are willing to get along with others, so great care is given to insure all guests safety. If I forget my toys for my dog to play with are there any ones available for them?

~Yes, we have a whole sack full available, these are washed and ready for use between stays.


How early or late can I drop off and pick up my pet for boarding?

~Arrangements can be made for early drop offs or late pick ups, when pre-arranged. How often are pets fed?

~Pets are fed according to clients instructions. Morning feedings are after 8:30AM, and afternoon feedings are about 3:30-4:30 PM to ensure proper potty times. Some pets are on self-feeding programs and food is available to them in their apartments at all times.